Ocktopi believes that, in this period of change, the customer really does know best.

Why Ocktopi?

Every technology based market is changing – this is a truism. Most changes are about improving what is there already.

That is not the case with Trader Voice. The market is speeding toward a fully IP-voice world of networks, control and the way users interface.

The issue is that customers are unsure of how far and how fast they want to move from the Traditional TDM world, with expensive hardware turrets and a system that requires deep planning and hands on management. They know that the future is IP, all the way from the Traders desk to the counterparty.

A solution is needed that fits you, not the other way around.

Technology is evolving
Speeding toward a fully IP solution
Future is IP, a solution is needed that fits you

You are completely in charge of implementation, configuration and payment method.

Freedom to choose your interface.

Ocktopi has the answer.

Ocktopi does not tell you,
the customer, what to do or how to work.

Rather, we use the knowledge we have of the Trader Voice market to give you our software and our connectivity platform.

Then you use it as you need. At the Traders desk, on the network, with 3rd party products and services.

You control implementation, configuration and the way that you wish to pay for it.

Collaborator is standards based using off the shelf components, giving the Trader a choice of interface windows, tablet or a combination that works across all IP networks.

Ocktopi believes you know best. We provide you with the software to enable change.

Connect to us.

Take Control


  • Standards Based
  • User Configurable Interface
  • All Turret Functions Available
  • Fully Recorded
  • Fully Compliant
  • Secure
  • Cost Effective
  • Flexible
  • Restores Control to you
  • Available as a Service or paid for or a combination
  • Hosted in a Private or Public Cloud or on-premise

Change, Control, Communicate, Collaborate