Connector Converged

Converged will manage multiple vendors and customer private networks and our own, as well as interconnecting legacy vendors/service providers.



Secure non-competitive common inter-network platform available to all trading partners. Allows the user to terminate and normalize customer, carrier, and managed service provider platforms and traffic into a unified global service.

Converged - SIP Trunks with Legacy as Required

We understand your desire to reduce cost.

Converged empowers you to take fixed overheads out of your trading platform.

Converged is a trusted 3rd party service that provides a secure non-competitive common inter-network platform that is available to all trading partners allowing the trading Community to be reachable on all networks and devices.

Network Layer

Manage access methods and security?

Transport Layer

Manage the end to end conversations?

Application Layer

Manage the sessions and policies?

Converged solves the problems of over-complexity and lack of interoperability in IP networks by ensuring the normalization and management of an end to end solution, to deliver reduced cost, reduced management resource and ensure ease of use, in 3 main areas


Enabling the ability to traverse multiple IP networks.


Normalizing the differences between the community members network products and to ensure it is one cohesive entity.


Ensuring that the calling links between IP and PSTN are achieved easily with no extra equipment.

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