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Control By You.

Ocktopi is a software smarts company. We enable Financial Institutions to benefit from the latest in communications technology allowing reliable, secure connectivity across the market.


Ocktopi enables change.
We give you complete command of our software in your environment.


Ocktopi enables Control.
You decide how it is deployed, scaled and paid for.


Ocktopi enables Communication.
Communicate securely and safely within a fully compliant platform.


Ocktopi enables Collaboration.
Collaborate via voice, chat or text, on any device.

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Voice Delivery At
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Why are we Different?

Our strict software-only approach allows us not only to concentrate on the clever bits of what we do, but also gives you a level of product ownership that you have never had before.

You purchase the software that you want (SaaS, Enterprise or a Mix), permission specific functionality you prefer. Use any hardware that you wish, Ocktopi software uses Off The Shelf (OTS) Hardware and Protocols. You can pay for it, subscription or Capex. Scale up, scale down, deploy anywhere. No maintenance fees, no moves, add or changes. Trader voice provided as a service, at a cost that works for you.

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Change, Control, Communicate, Collaborate